Saturday, January 12, 2013

Some Days

There are some days when I really consider working somewhere warm during the winter months - today is one of them.  Last night it dipped down to minus 16.  Very cold.  Everything was fine though and I got up and made breakfast at 5am.  Then I had a Bible study online.  That was great too.  Then I checked my water again, and it had frozen solid.  :-(  Actually, no problem because I took out my little heater outside and blasted some heat on a pipe and walah running water.  However, then the real problem started because once the pipe was unfrozen the connector coming into the rv was running water like a river.  I wish I could have gone back to bed and ignored it but there is no way.  First I had to get the snow shovel and chip and dig 18 inches of snow and ice off the pipe cover and lift it. Then I had to crawl into an 18 inch by 18 inch box and try to tighten the thing.  There was no way.  It started spraying water every which way so had to crawl out of the box and go turn the main water off.  It gets to the point where you just feel beaten down.  The temperature is so cold, the water has soaked your gloves and wringing them out over and over doesn't help, and then because your gloves are so wet and it is so cold the tools freeze to your hands so you can't put them down.  It was at that moment that I just sat and cried for a few minutes, just to get the frustration out.  It really is only those moments when I can see that a mate would be helpful - unless that person stood behind me and whined about the situation, then that would be even worse. :-/  ...Anyway, then I prayed for wisdom and reminded Jehovah I am all by myself trying my best, to do something that is beyond me...and also asked him to help me not voice the curse words running through my brain. :-(    Anyhoo...before my prayer I couldn't figure out how to seal the pipe because I couldn't find my pipe sealer goo.  Then I reminded myself I had a bottle of ultra polident for teeth in the cupboard so I went and got that and sprinkled it inside the pipe threads.  Then twisted and twisted and it sealed perfectly.  So now I am exhausted and cold and need to unthaw after two hours of that.  I am going to make some soup, warm up, and go enjoy the rest of my weekend. 

Love to all,
d  :-)

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