Sunday, October 21, 2012

First Snow is Today...We Think

At least that is what the weather network says.  It definitely feels cold enough outside.  Inside we are warm and cozy though. :-)  And Pearl is feeling well again...even perky.  Last Sunday was a different story.  She came down with a bout of hemorragic intestine infection.  That means when the infection is so bad, blood enters the intestine.  She was really looking bad by the time I got her to the vet, but was put on the right meds immediately and with a few days was really looking good.  Another week of antibiotics and she should be back on track.  I posted a pic of her though when she just needed to sleep a lot.  She is waiting it out sleeping in the duvet.

Everything else though is going well.  Work is great.  I really am thankful to Jehovah for providing a place where I enjoy going everyday.  This week has been a bit trying though as I have a Saudi in my class who has been very privileged in life.  As I have said before, the Saudis are generally my favorite students because they are very devout, and I of course appreciate that quality in a person, and they have been sheltered from the rest of the world so there is something different about them in their outlook on life.  However, if you get an arrogant one, it is usually arrogance to an extreme.  Soooo...there is Aqhmed.  He has spent the last several weeks asking me how I cannot recognize his excellent quality of speech. :-/  And how I cannot elevate him to the highest level. :-/  The other day I did an oral reading test at which time I listen intently to recordings of the students' voices and circle any pronunciation errors they make so they know exactly what to work on.  After he received his sheet back he came to me and said as usual "I disagree". :-(  When I see him rising from his seat I can usually predict what words he is going to say.  He then proceeded to tell me that he didn't make any pronunciation errors and he wanted to listen again with me. (Bad idea).  I jested with him at first and said that if we listened together and I heard any pronunciation errors for every circle on the paper he would have to pay me $1000.  He responded that this deal would be acceptable. Considering there were about 30 circles on the paper this would have been my opportunity to make a years salary.  But when I realized he was more than serious I read him the riot act and sent him back to his seat.  Grrrr...anyway, Ahqmed, tells me I am his favorite teacher because I have high standards for him but there are a few crazy little moments along the way where I just need to clench my teeth and say nothing for five minutes.  He has told me before at most colleges and unis even in Canada because the Saudis are "money pits" they basically get whatever they want and now he has someone saying no to him everyday and it is hard.  I tell him almost daily that when he leaves my class he "will speak BEAUTIFUL English and work hard to achieve it!"  Slowly I think he is realizing I am serious.

We had an absolutely wonderful one day assembly yesterday.  The speakers were great but especially Brother Clark from the Canada Bethel.  I have 5 pages of notes just from his talks alone because he has a fabulous way and putting points across.  Very motivating.  :-)

Now today, it is time to be lazy and go through the notes again.   And I hope all of you can have some lazy moments today too. :-)

Love to all,
d :-)

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