Friday, November 2, 2012

The Small Rewards Along The Way

Hey hi :-)

Sitting here after getting off SKYPE with my Chinese studies.  The internet was crazy tonight so it was a hard go for the study, but everyone of them was so enthusiastic I still feel like it was a success.  They are always so well prepared, and now that has all the information, online Bible, books and all recordings in one central place it makes it so easy for everyone to participate.  Absolutely loving the study.

This week was good at work too.  One young man who studies with me for about six months returned to the school with a big box of 50 cookies for me today.  He hit it dead bang on because I really do love chocolate chip cookies...not sure a box of 50 is a good present for single person, but I will just have to share.  He came by to say thank you.  While he was studying with me he was a handful.  He would stand up in class almost daily and say "I hate you" because I would ask him to do homework and say things properly.  At the time he couldn't understand why, and he would stand up, fold his arms across his chest, and repeat those words.  I would respond with "I can live with that", or "I love you too, let's keep going".  But he actually was serious.  Anyway, he is now finished his studies and heading back to Japan for his regular university studies and came by to thank me for pushing him hard.  It is always the most difficult ones that make the biggest dent in my heart.

Okay, everyone have a wonderful weekend!

Love to all,
d  :-)

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