Monday, October 8, 2012

Busy Busy Getting Ready For Winter

Wow!  Time really does fly.  It is cold here now.  I have spent the last four weekends getting ready for winter.  Within a month it will likely snow so I feel like I really have to get all this done.  I was telling my mom yesterday that after this weekend I just want to be able to do things on the weekends that don't revolve around winterizing - like enjoy service, have more time for meeting preparation, read a great book do a hobby, fun stuff. :-)  After today I think that will be possible.  Mom with her keen eye found me some carpet so we are laying that today through the entire unit.  This is the last item necessary to make this into a wonderful little warm cave for the winter months.  Everything else has been tucked away.  Oh one last thing is waiting...the kayak.  But I have a plan for that - going to slip it under the unit and let it stay all cozy under there until the weather gets warm again. :-)

Harvey and Pearl are gradually adjusting to the colder weather.  Harvey and I are pretty much on our own for the morning walks though.  When I hold up the leash Pearl runs to the bedroom and crawls under the covers, but she is all hyper and happy for the afternoon walks when the sun is out.  I guess the appeal of walking when it is black out and cold at 5:30 in the morning just isn't there for her.  Wish I could go later for the little coot, but gotta keep on schedule due to work.

Biking to work is still going good and saving huge on the gas bills.  Have to say though the other morning when I was riding at -4 it was a tad chilly on the toes - when I got to mile 10 I could feel it.  I have some sheepskin in the cupboard though and am thinking I will sew some toe mitts.  Really they were the only part of my body that was feeling the chill.  I want to go as long as I can though because I feel so good when I arrive.  It probably sounds laughable but the cold air for an hour in the morning really makes a person feel alive.  However, my students say that the skin on my cheeks doesn't turn back to a normal colour until mid morning. :-/

The little guy that was living with me is gone now.  It was great having him around.  We made a bunch of videos of him having fun because it was all new for him. so here is the last one we shot.  My mom taught him how to ride a bike the first day he was here, and by the end he had become a master. Just really happy I was able to give him six excellent weeks of life.

Okay, should get running.  Lots to do. :-)  There is one last video I am including here because I believe the message behind it...doesn't matter if it applies to our goals in the Truth of just how we live life.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week...or month. :-)

Love to all,
d :-)

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