Friday, July 13, 2012

I Am Surviving Riding The Bike

Hey hi everyone! :-)

Hope all is going good.  Some days I feel like my tongue is hanging out so far that it will get caught in my spokes, but I have slowly built up my riding and now going back and forth from UBC (this is where the bus stops at the university.).  I am not really keen on riding the whole 15 miles, but with time maybe that will happen.  At this time 9 miles from the uni seems to work.  It is the climb coming home that is a bit of a killer at this moment.  I can only average about 12 miles per hour due to the climb to the airport.  And I quickly figured out that I have to take a jug of water twice the size that I started out with.  The heat is about 95 degrees right now so as it cools down in the Fall, that part of the ride will probably be more comfortable.  When I lived in Palm Springs and rode, it would get to about 105 or 110.  It is just a matter of building up a tolerance.

The assembly in Vancouver was great.  Got to see lots of friends and touch base with what everyone is up to.  They had the same weather as Kelowna at that time - rainy and cool, but now since the first week of July summer weather has come to both places. 

Harvey and Pearl are doing fab.  We walk the trails in the field a few times a week.  Early on the weekends and later in the evenings.  It is too hot for their little bodies earlier than 7:30 at night.  I just take lots of water and we take pit stops under the shade of the big trees.  But they also just love laying on the couch in the RV too, lapping up the cool air from the ac.

Work is going great.  I am teaching my regular classes, but also the sports program in the afternoon.  That means I get to wear shorts and play football, soccer, basketball or some other game with the students in the park in the afternoon.  Some of the girls are so funny - especially from Korea.  Two of them dropped the class at the end of the first week.  I asked them why.  They said they didn't realize they actually had to exercise.  They thought SPORTS PROGRAM, meant that we read sports articles everyday together. :-/  But several more took their place so it all worked out fine in the end.

My Friday night Bible Studies are going good.  The first class 65 families logged on for the class.  But it was so overwhelming with all their voices, that I suggested that we limit to a smaller group of friends the next week, so then only 18 families joined.  Now I have convinced the families that I will study with six at a time, and give them all 30 minutes lessons back to back so that everyone can have a fair chance to talk.  They like that idea.  As long as everyone is learning and enjoying, then that is what is important. :-)

Okay, gotta go.  Time to teach.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Love to all,
d  :-)

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