Friday, July 13, 2012

A Couple Details I Forgot to Share

Someone told me I forgot to share a couple details about the Bible Study since the first time I wrote about it.  What happened is that before the study in China, the lady wrote back and asked if she could invite some of her friends to sit in.  I saw the message she sent to everyone, it said:"I have found someone to study the Bible with.  She says I can invite some friends.  If you want you can join too."  So on Bible Study night I logged on, and was surprised when people kept on joining...and joining...and joining, until 65 were logged on.  They were all very excited.  I just put the book on the screen and everyone followed along and answered the questions.  The man from the Middle East was even more wonderful.  He was just so thankful to find someone to study the Bible with him, and kept saying thank you over and over.  ...I am extremely thankful that Jehovah God is giving me the opportunity to do this, because it is adding so much to my life in the way of service. :-)

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