Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Am Excited About Service

This morning I was talking "praying" to Jehovah about service telling him that I find it difficult where I am due to my work schedule, which makes mid-week service impossible, and the cost of gas for service, blah blah blah...and said that "I enjoyed online service before, so if I could do more of that it would be nice".  WELL, I get up at 5am.  I received a message at 5:30am from a client in China, saying that she would like to study the Bible and was wondering if I would teach her.  Very happily I wrote back and said of course.  Then at about 6am, I received a message from a man in the Middle East, saying: "I am Muslim, but I want to love Jesus and know about God and the Bible, could you teach me."  I happily responded once again, telling him that of course I would.  I told him to go to bed and when he got up in the morning I would have all the details outlined for him in a message.  Anyway, I am pretty happy today because I am always amazed at how quickly Jehovah God answers my prayers.  The Faithful Slave is correct in telling us to be dead specific.  And despite my whining at moments he listens.  Gotta love that. :-)

Hope everyone is having a great week,
d  :-)

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