Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cleaning The Dogs Pearly Whites

Okay, I am sitting here watching a pathetic scene.  Harvey must have failed "puppy chewing class" when he was a young'n in Korea.  When he was injured and at the vet the vet said that he needed his clean cleaned.  But because he is older I don't want to put him "under".  So some other vets online said the absolute best way to clean a dog's teeth is to give them raw rib bones so they can work the meat off and raw bones won't splinter or break .  Sooo...I have been giving them raw bones over the last couple weeks.  Pearl goes at them in a very rabid way.  With Harvey he just stares at them. :-/  The best success I have with him is browning the meat for 5 minutes so that he thinks its cooked, then he will try to lick it off the if nothing else he should have a very clean tongue.  But this afternoon on the way home from the meeting I stopped at the grocery store and there was a sale on big meaty beef ribs so a got a few of them  for the weekly attempt at cleaning.  Otto and Pearl are going at their rib bones like they hit the jackpot.  Then there is Harvey out there "cleaning his tongue". Sad little dude.  I have no idea how he missed out on learning how to chew. :-/

Meetings are great, but not always for the talk delivered or the WT covered.  As usual this morning I was making Jehovah God's ears bleed as I told him how I missed riding my bike back and forth to work such as in Palm Springs, Vancouver and Korea.  I have always liked exercise with a purpose.  At the end of a day of teaching the thought of working out in a gym is just dreadful.  So anyway, at the end of the meeting I slid up beside a sister, and asked her about life - I like her because she is very honest saying she is too tired sometimes to do much more than watch some videos, do laundry and wash a week's worth of dishes - basically do everything just to get ready for Monday again.  Which pretty sums me up.  Anyway, she was telling me a few months ago her boss which is an avid biker convinced her to start biking to work from Lake Country - 15 miles.  It has been taking an hour and she is loving it.  Inspired, now I am going to do it too.  Every time I mentioned it before I got the side-eyed glance from people, so it was nice to find someone like me in the congregation.  The sister's name is Erica, and really, if she can ride along a highway, and have a good time, I know I can do it too.  I will keep you all posted on how it goes.

Okay, gotta go check on the bone-chewers.  Love to all,
d  :-)

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