Friday, February 17, 2012

Went Down Hard, But Samsung Is Amazing

Well it is snowing again! This morning on the way to the bus, I went down hard on a snow covered ice area. One second up, the next second looking up. The good thing is I didn't hit my head because as usual I was wearing my backpack with the neck pocket behind my head. The worrying part was the laptop. But Samsung came through again! This mini laptop takes a licking and keeps on ticking. It has been pulled off the table a couple times by clumsy Harvey, pulled on my desk by unobservant students, and then today took my full body weight as I landed on it, as well as being hauled back and forth to work everyday – but it turns on every time. I do know that one day it will die, but I really think I will look for a Samsung again due to the beating this one has taken and done so well.

Anyway, almost to work, so time to start staring out the window as I listen to the WT being played on my earphones.

Love to all,

d :-)

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