Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beautiful Sunday Morning


Hey hi everyone :-)

I am almost ready to run out the door to the meeting this morning, but wanted to share a couple pictures. The first one is of Pearl riding shotgun. It is pretty cold right now and after about 20 minutes she wants to ride. Harve does good with all his hair, however when it hits -5 and below there is no way he wants to go out so I wait til the sun warms things up a bit. His only problem is that when he is walking in the snow it collects on his body and he gets HUGE snowballs that we have to pick out along the way or when we get home. Sometimes he can't walk until we take them off because they get under his paws. The second is of our walking lane. In the the park there is a 3km trail. It is all fenced and safe. The last is of the lot with the miniature train. In the summer the owner has trains running through a perfect little village he has built with people and cars. When I was walking through the resort this morning, I was thinking that I absolutely LOVE resort life. After living in apartments, condos, and houses, I really prefer this lifestyle. Simple but interesting. I think I will always be a full-time RVer, because no matter where a person goes - down south, Mexico, or up north here, it is just such a nice way to live. Okay, enough blithering, off to the meeting!

Love to all,
d :-)

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