Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pearl Pooping Fire

You are looking at the face of a naughty dog.

Hey hi everyone :-)

All is going good here. Still icy cold, especially in the mornings, but it gradually is getting warmer...kinda. By my estimation we are exactly 4 weeks to Spring. I got out before work this morning and shoveled the yard a bit, but then it is supposed to snow again for 3 days starting Saturday. It should be very very pretty and maybe it will be our last big snow so I will get out with my camera and take lots of pics.

Pearl is paying for her naughtiness. I rarely buy any hot food because I am always afraid that Harvey or Pearl with get at it somehow and make themselves sick. Well when I was shopping at Walmart last week they had a tray of HOT SPICY SAUSAGES on sale for $5 and I decided I really wanted them.Well last night I cut them up into chunks and cooked them up. As I was taking them out of the pan suddenly everything flipped and sausage bits went all over the floor. I was screaming NOOOOO! to scare Harvey and Pearl away, and grabbing bits up and throwing them in the sink. I was feeling pretty good about how fast I moved...and then I looked over my shoulder to the couch and saw Pearl standing on the couch looking back at me with a sausage between her teeth. I yelled at her to DROP DROP DROP! but instead she started chewing as fast as she could like a rabid gerbil as I ran toward her. Her pointed little teeth never moved faster. I was horrified knowing how hot the thing was, so I immediately put her on the floor and gave her some cream and cheese to try and neutralize the spices. I could tell by her face she was amazed at the fact that she had been naughty, and then got rewarded for it by being able to eat two of her favorite things. I checked the internet and it basically said she would be sick and either vomit it up, or poop it out. She seemed fine during the night, but when I came home tonight I could see that she had done both. But she seems fine now, thank goodness.

Work is great this week. We are having spirit week (not the type where we all wear sheets with eye holes) so that means the teachers and student body have theme days. Today was hat day. For any guy that showed up without a hat I made little paper hats and pinned them to their heads. The other teachers said they all looked like Burger King workers. :-)

Anyways, hope everyone is having a lovely week.

Love to all,
d :-)

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