Friday, February 25, 2011

Such a Fun Day!

Today we had Cultural Awareness Day. All the students created such a wonderful buffet of food from their countries. Each culture was given a classroom to setup to display their country. In the Korean classroom we took a screw driver and removed the legs from the tables so that everyone could eat sitting on the floor. Yesterday, since I have a vehicle, I took one of the Korean students to the Oriental Supermarket to buy things. We made such good time that I asked him after finishing if he was hungry...and thankfully he was :-) I took him for breakfast at the Specialty Bakery. Absolutely splendid! Anyway, today was just great too. All the students started cooking at 10:30 and had their dishes ready for 11:30. I was supposed to be heading up the Koreans, and we didn't know if anyone knew how to cook Korean pancake, which is all vegetables..and usually the grandmas and moms do all the cooking over I found a video on youtube where a Korean lady walked us through every step of how to make it. Well her instructions were just perfect, because today all the students made it just right. But, I have to tell everyone...if for no other reason...I HAVE to take an eating holiday to Saudi Arabia. The salads, and platters of assorted foods those men put together were incredibly delicious. They made Arab coffee and desserts also. And some of them wore their thoubs too. It was really a great presentation. We had Mexico and Brazil and Japan and Switzerland represented also. The cheeses and chocolate from Switzerland were killer delicious. One of the Swiss students started off their presentation by telling us that his country cooks with tons of butter...immediately made me think that Dad was born in the wrong country. :-/ After finishing lunch we had a foozball tournament and then I headed home for the weekend. What a great way to end the week. So now I hope all of you will have a great weekend.

Love to all,
d :-)

ps. I am teaching the pronunciation program this semester and the group in the glasses are my students. The other pic of the student with her parents are from Mexico. She is from Hidalgo. When she returns home in May she has agreed to deliver a card to some friends of mine who speak English (I don't know who they are yet :-/, but by then hopefully I will). Now that she has learned English, hopefully they can help her learn the"pure language". :-)

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