Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Duck Lake

Hey hi everyone :-)

I wanted to show everyone a pic of a great dog walking place here. I have been driving by it everyday and decided to look at it using Google Maps to see what trails are around it. Great dog walking trail right along the side of it so loaded Harvey, Pearl and Otto in the truck and took off to explore it. Pretty snowy and icy at the moment but we made our way along it for about a mile. Which means there and back will be good exercise! :-) It is just a small lake but very very pretty. The trail reminds me of the Houston trail in Fort Langley, just going through the reeds and fields. Anyway, I think we will be down there often.

Our Spanish congregation is taking off. We have had some growth and a few extra chairs had to be brought in last Sunday. An English brother and his wife that had served in Nicaragua gave the talk on Sunday. Really well done. Mine is still coming slow but sure and this week I will start going to the Spanish service group regularly.

A friend of mine in the hall here also got a clean bill of health concerning her cancer, so that is just excellent. She is young so she is excited now with what she can do with her life. There is no doubt a down side to sickness, but it is also a real clarifying experience too. As Warren Crowe used to say: everything in life is perspective and reaction.

And lastly, my student that I turned over to the brother in my congregation because he wanted a Bible study is doing great the brother says. So that is really great too. :-)

Well, I better run and get ready for work. Fabulous students and really good classes going on right now. A little nippy running to the truck these days though as it is minus 13 :-+ ..that is a symbol of my shriveled face in the cold wind. :-)

Love to all,
d :-)


  1. I like the picture of Duck Lake a lot. Pretty!

  2. Hi Darci, nice picture, i dont have a dog to walk, but id like to just take a nice walk around the lake, miss you darlin, Cheryl and Robert Keller

  3. Came across some of your older posts about teaching English in Korea and the congregation out there... I was wondering how it was teaching from a jw perspective (holidays, etc).

    (currently in the Chinese Cong, Las Vegas)

  4. Actually it is much easier than teaching in the US and Canada, because they don't celebrate the holidays in school in Korea. Even though Christianity has been adopted by many Asians, the holidays haven't become accepted mainstream like in the West. So a teacher isn't asked to decorate the classroom, sing songs, OR anything like teachers are expected to do in the West - from elementary school to high school.

  5. Also, John, if you are ever interested in learning about teaching in China I have friends that have been there several years that could give you some insights.

  6. That's good to hear. I was wondering if having to include Korean/American holidays into lesson plans would come up or not.

    Korea is my first choice for now. China or Taiwan will be my backup plan. If I don't get hired I'll have to get in touch with your friends.

    English is my first language, although I speak some Korean too, so I'm hoping to attend an English congregation. Would you happen to know if there's a list of English speaking congregations?