Thursday, February 24, 2011

Culture Day At The College

Tomorrow is culture day at the college. The school has been divided up into all the cultures and a teacher has been put in charge of each group. I was put in charge of Korea. Yeah! :-)

We have put together a slide show of Korea, and are making Korean pancake and choco pies for everyone. (A choco pie is basically a wagon wheel, but they are called choco pie in Korea).

Last night we were going over the details of our plan and the students were figuring out how we were going to make everything. They were very worried how we were going to do it without an oven...and I kept saying "don't worry I have a frying pan". Them: "We know, we know, but how can we make it hot???" I then explained to them that it was electric and all we have to do is plug it into the wall. They were amazed and excited, as I had forgotten that this isn't a usual thing in Korea. So now we have many chefs wanting to try it out. :-)

Okay, well after the cultural afternoon I will post some pics. I am very interested to see what the Saudi men all produce. They said they are "making a most delicious meal". I know that chicken and rice plays a big part in their meals, but I just don't know yet how it is prepared. After tomorrow I will though. :-) yum..yum...yum..

Everyone have a great day!

love, d :-)

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