Friday, January 7, 2011

We Just Had A Most Delicious Breakfast!

At my school this morning one of the classes made eggs and bacon and muffins for everyone. What a wonderful treat! I have to say I really enjoy this school and position. Everyone does work as a team and it shows in the students' progress. It is really nice listening to the students' stories, because often they end up with everyone having a good laugh. So even though we are teaching, there is a lot of learning about things other than book work too. I recently had a young man tell me that being in Canada is quite a change for him because he used to just pay the teacher for the grade he wanted, but now he actually has to study! And then there are the ones that work sooo hard because when they return to their home country their English will affect their university marks, and affect the career they are aiming toward. These are often the extremely diligent ones.

I have one young man that was studying here but left 4 months ago. He kept my card and called me the other day. I asked him if he had time to take a comprehensive Bible study course to understand the Bible, and he said yes. So, this week I am going to introduce him to a pioneer in our hall. One thing about positions that work with people, some REALLY nice people cross our paths, and you can see how they could be potential brothers and sisters one day. I hope it works out this way for these two. :-)

Well other than the above all is absolutely great and nothing new is going on. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

d :-)

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