Saturday, January 15, 2011

ALMOST Had a Good Hockey Game Last Night!

Being the Activities Director for the college too (besides teaching), means I get to arrange fun things to do. Last night Portland came here to play. About 20 of us showed up. Unfortunately, it seems most the rest of the city thought it would be a good game to see too, so there was standing room only left. Yikes! Standing for two or three hours. :-/ Nobody was quite into that. Anyway, hopefully there will be another Friday or Saturday game coming soon because it would be fun to do that. Next item on the hit list is arranging curling lessons for the students...and me. :-) Sounds kind of fun. I borrowed the movie "Men With Brooms" to give me a bit of an idea what to expect. I have to say after working at this college, and having so many Saudi students, which is much different from what I have had before, I think they are just great...not the best studiers :-/ ...but just very fun people to have around. Okay, everyone have a wonderful weekend! Love to all, d :-)

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