Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Off To A Great Start!

Hey hi everyone! :-)

The first great thing about 2011 is that my meetings have switched from mornings to afternoons. I absolutely love sitting on my bed Sunday mornings studying my WT. Just a nice slow moving day.

There has been lots of activity around here the last few weeks. Marcelle, Ava and Matea, (and Coco and Oscar), and (Mike on weekends) have been visiting and then yesterday Tyler, Janelle, and Haylen came. Haylen sure looks like her mom at this moment, but it will be interesting six months from now to see how she changes.

My old congregation in Korea had their family night recently and I included a picture here. Each member of the congregation participated in the Sound of Music. They rented a hall and put the play on for watchers in other congregations and family members. Here is a picture of the background choir. You can see that they must have got a sale on a certain striped material so that all their outfits are identical. I think it is so cute. They filmed it too, so if I get the video of it I will post it too. My friend Matt there said that EVERYONE took part. He played the piano with a sister for the singing.

The second pic is of the expat Bethel members in Korea. Gabby and Andrew (centre) have been there a long time, but are now heading back to Australia, but it is hard to imagine them there very long as they have been in the Phillipines, Africa, and Asia...and maybe some place I don't know. Gabby has such an interesting background. As I remember, her parents packed up their children and went and lived in a tent initially on some remote island living where the need was greater. Both fantastically interesting people.

Okay every one have a super lovely weekend.
Love to all,

d :-)

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