Saturday, February 6, 2010

We Are On The Way

Hey hi everyone :-)

Just a brief blog to let everyone know that we are on the road. Dad, Mom and Keith worked hard to help me get some last minute things done on the trailer. Dad put in a "green" tankless water heater for me, and also some jazzy style hitch that claims I won't get blown over in a hurricane. :-/ ...time will tell on that one I guess. And Keith helped him with the details of it, so it was really nice to have their hard work. We got on the road about 3:30 yesterday and arrived in Yuma at 6pm. I was hoping to find my uncle Joe and aunti Edna in Yuma for the evening at their park but it was just too dark to see the gate I was looking for. Two other parks were sold out of pull-throughs (I don't want to unhitch until Mex) so we took off driving over the mountain (hill) toward Tucson, and on the other side of it there was a big rig parking lot so I pulled into the middle of them as most of them were overnighting it too, and the three of us jumped into bed. Harvey and Pearl were happy I could tell to get out of the truck and crawl under their covers. Me too. :-) This morning we took the 4.5 hour drive over to Nogales. We are at a park called De Anza. It used to be an old greyhound dog racing park so it excellent for pets and beautiful grounds with an indoor golf range for the golf nuts :-) and a pool and spa for those of us keen on shriveled skin. We will get up at 5 tomorrow morning and make the drive to the border and hopefully be across by 6am and then on the road down. It is only a three hour drive so at the lastest I anticipate getting there by noon. Tomorrow after I get set up and organized I will upload some pics for everyone to see. ...Harvey and Pearl are traveling well, and I can see how nice it is having an RV with pets because it is great to pop the door open and they are at home and their is no lugging of stuff around. Must be like that for parents with children too. Okay, talk to everyone tomorrow.

d :-)

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