Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Good Day, and My Truck is Washed

Well I feel somewhat accomplished today. First I found my way to the KH with no trouble and listened to an excellent talk on the resurrection hope. Then after, I drove around looking for a truck wash as I can't stand all the dirt on it from traveling down here and rain the other day. However, I didn't find one by the time I got back to the RV park, basically because I don't know what I am looking for. So I noticed that beside the security guard in the RV Park is a huge hose on a tap, so I thought maybe he would consider washing my truck, so in my worst Spanish, I walked up to him and said "yo pagar tu lavar mi truck". He nodded his head yes so a deal was struck and he washed the truck. This may work out just perfect for the future. Now I just have to find a laundry person I can pay and life will be absolutely perfect. :-)

Love to everyone,
d :-)

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