Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Okay, This Is Not About Bragging...

Hey hi everyone, :-)

....instead it is about being so happy about something and wanting to share it. This morning we had such a great time in service. Cheryl Keller sent me a great presentation for the Bible Teach book this morning and I decided to use it. I was able to start two Bible studies, and hopefully a third with a man who took the book and is considering the study course. Then on the way home I decided to stop and talk to the administration office at the big university. They were exceptionally nice. I actually just wanted to know where I could post a little notice letting the students know my name and number if they wanted a study, but the woman took me upstairs to meet the academic director of the university, and let me show her the book (Bible Teach book) and tell her about the course of study in it. She thought it was just grand and asked me to make 20 posters so that she can have them posted around the campus for the students to call me. It was really unexpected, but I am so thankful in many regards for the opportunity. All the brothers and sisters are having wonderul results in their volunteer (ministry) work here and I am just so grateful I can be part of it. :-) ...other than this the weather has been awesome and life at the rv park couldn't be better. :-)

Have an absolutely wonderful week!

Love to all,
d :-)

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  1. thanks for that nice part you wrote in your blog, im glad you got to use that and good things happend to you,,,miss you darlin, have a great day, Cheryl keller