Saturday, February 28, 2009

What a gorgeous day to arrive in Korea!

We landed at about 7am this morning after a 13 hour flight to a beautiful sunny day, with a blue sky, and icy cold. Couldn't have been more gorgeous weather. After haggling at the airport for a few minutes with taxi drivers I was able to get one that agreed to drive us an hour to Suwon for 100,000w. Thankfully he drove like Mario Andretti and it seemed we were home in no time. Even with all it oddities, Korea is still very nice. I went around to all the local shopkeepers this morning and said anyahaseo, and told them I had been abroad for two months and not dead. :-) One gave me a chocolate bar to welcome me back and and elderly man in the park raised his cane and yelled he was so happy to see the three of us walking there...or at least I took it as him being happy, could have been that he was crying at the sight of us again, but I don't think so. ;-/ One thing I really appreciate about Korea when I arrive here each time is that everyone is so neatly dressed - a person just does NOT see slovenly dressed people, whether they are young...or old. This morning when I was walking around the park I was watching a group of young boys walking in their karate uniforms, and some other older people walking in their hiking uniforms - sure Koreans seem to have uniforms or styles of dress for many things, but the upside of that is that they always really neat and well put together. Anyways, tonight I was out with Brenda to do a little shopping for the fridge. I COULD NOT believe one item though...I bought a bottle of wine in Mexico for $5, and that exact same bottle was on the shelf here tonight for $16!

Anyways, I am looking forward to being in front of the class on Monday. I am teaching a course this year that will help the boys to create high tech animation movies, and then we will have a film festival "contest" in the Fall and select a winner. Should be lots of fun. :-)

Well, I am off to the meeting at the Kingdom Hall tomorrow to see what all of the brothers and sisters have been up to. I will share all the interesting tidbits with you all later.

Okay, love to everyone,
d :-)

*ps. now that I can recharge my camera...forgot the plug adapter when I went to America, I will take more pics and post them for you.

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  1. glad you made it safely back darci, it was nice to see you, you need to get some more followers, ah well, blogging is new i guess, and time consuming, take care of your self and stay warm, we hope to see you soon,next time your coming back to palm springs,let me know and will have you over for dinner k,love from cheryl and robert.