Thursday, February 26, 2009

Catching our Plane today!

Well, this morning we got up at 4am and started driving to LAX. We planned for a 3.5 hour drive due to rush hour traffic but got here in two. :-) Now we are at Motel 6 by the airport until the plane takes off. This winter vacation was excellent. I feel like I did A LOT. I was able to get my truck, and it is just perfect for towing my unit, and for fitting lots of people in for meetings and ministry work. It is a four door Chevy Silverado, and I figure it will last a long time. Secondly, we were down in Mexico for a month. That was just absolutely excellent. Even though I had many good times down there, meeting the congregation, working in service, etc., the best thing that came out of it is that little Pearl survived her attack. She is mending well now. She still has weakness in one of her back legs but in a couple months am thinking she will be back to normal - running and jumping like always. Anyways, tonight we are on the plane and tomorrow will be getting back into our life in Korea after an hour taxi ride to Suwon. I attached a picture of me and Anastasia and Alexandra. Real sweeties. :-) I wanted to include one of all the kids with me but somehow all the pictures were blurry with swirly heads, and double lines. :-(

Okay must run - want to walk the legs off my furries before plane time.

Love ya, d :-)

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