Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We're On The Road Again...And the Green River Killer's Cousin

First, yesterday we left Mazatlan for our trip home - mom and dad to Canada, and me to Korea. We stopped in Hermosilla again and had another wonderful night at the San Sebastian. We learned that blah blah 7pm in Spanish from the Restaurant Lady doesn't mean, "the buffet ends at 7pm", but rather "the buffet dinner food is brought out at 7pm". ;-( The restaurant waiters must have thought we were crazy. When they told us this we rushed to the counter and filled our plates with the food there thinking it was all going to be taken away in just a few short minutes and ate like maniacs...only to find that when 7pm arrived the rotated all the food and all the steaming hot dishes were brought out. :-/ They and us had a good laugh when we all figured out what had happened. So regardless of us eating the old cold food, the meal was still delicious. I guess some Spanish lessons may be in order. :-)

So here we are in Phoenix, and tonight I got such an interesting compliment. Now I have to admit, my hair was a bit dishevelled and I wasn't wearing lipstick, so maybe that is where the confusion stemmed from...but after checking into our hotel tonight I decided to walk to the convenience store a few blocks away to do some a little shopping with Harvey and Pearl in their buggy (otherwise known as the smuggle-mobile). Anyways, it is black out with no street lights and I am wearing track pants, a t-shirt, and a sweater walking at a good pace, when suddenly behind me I see this big black suburban type truck turn on its lights and start slowly coming up behind me. As he is rolling along side me he rolls down the window and asks "how are you?" Not liking the look of the situation I used my 'take no prisoners all business no fun' voice - those of you that know me well, or work with me, know which one that is, and said, "fine thank you, how can I help you tonight?" - basically steely eyes no teeth expression on my face. He tried to pursue the question again, but I said I was very busy and could not talk. So looking a little unsure where to go with the conversation, he proceeds to say that he was out looking for homeless people that he could give food to. He then bid goodbye and took off. WHATEVER, I got the distinct impression he was looking for a woman for who knows what...just had that creepy feeling about him. Anyways, it is just a reminder that we really need to be careful when walking after dark...and too, always make sure your hair is combed and your lipstick is on so you are not mistaken for a homeless person. ;-)

Okay, off to bed now...more driving tomorrow.
Love, d

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