Monday, May 18, 2009

Bye mama...

Well the weather is good again today but this last week we've had some REAL rain. Heavy like Vancouver. Pearl and Harvey, who are usually nuts jumping around everytime they see me walk toward the door hoping that I will take them out were even bummed out about it. When I walked toward the door they just layed on the bed and basically raised a paw to say, "bye mama, have a good walk." However, yesterday and today are gorgeous again so we are all happy about that. :-)

This is the testing time for the boys so I had some really nice time off last week, and today is another day off. I have made myself a chore list to work through so I should be pretty busy the entire day though.

This Saturday is a wedding for one of the brothers that has been at Bethel for about 12 years. He is marrying a sister from our congregation, then leaving Bethel to join our congregation. Robin has been to Europe, Australia and some other places before so he is really nice to talk to so I am glad they chose our congregation. :-) For their honeymoon, they are going to America for 3 months to work on their English skills, so that is pretty cool too. I will share some pics of the wedding with you next time. :-)

Well, Teachers Day was last Friday, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I received a scarf and some bath products from one of my groups, so that was really sweet of them. Then the school booked a wedding hall and took us for a banquet. The Koreans ate super fast as usual but Gina and I just decided to linger and enjoy the afternoon and the great food. Much of it was western, so it was a real treat. :-) Anyways, that is a little difference from North America to here. Here they have Childrens Day, then Parents Day and few days later, and then Teachers Day. Very very nice customs. :-)

Anyways, I will run. Have a wonderful week, and lots of love to everyone. - d :-)

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