Sunday, May 24, 2009

All Hail Dad's Sherman Tank Glasses Case!

Last year when I was visiting, Dad noticed that I had a flimsy looking glass case and dug through his drawer and gave me an old glass case of his. It was bright red, and so heavy it felt like it was reinforced on the sides with plate steel, and it had this huge spring on the side. I accepted his gift but I was thinking to myself that I would have to buy reinforcements for my purse straps because it was so heavy. Anyways, today that case saved me a lot of money. After the meeting we stopped off to get a bite to eat. After, Matt and I hailed a taxi. As we were getting into the taxi I heard a clunk and knew something had fallen from my purse onto the road. As the taxi took off I yelled for it to stop, and as I looked in the rear window I saw another taxi hit my sherman-tank glass case with my expensive prescription glasses that insurance had paid for. The case flew high into the air came down on the road again, out popped my glasses and then another car ran the case over a second time flattening it. :-( However, when I ran back to see the damage, my glasses were safely sitting there beside the flattened case that protected them. Whew! Young Matt and I were both totally impressed with how well they survived due to that case.

Okay, this was another wedding weekend. There is a slew of them going on right now. This one was Robin's. He has been in Bethel for 11 years and has left to marry Heidi. It was really simple compared to some other weddings here - held in the Bethel Kingdom Hall. They would like to be part of the English congregation so for their honeymoon they have left for America for three months to practise English. Anyways, it was a really nice afternoon.

Til next time, lots of love, d :-)

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