Friday, April 3, 2009

Waiting to See What Happens....


Well from what we all understand here, Saturday is the day North Korea is launching the missile. It has been such a build up over the last month that it really should be interesting to see what happens. I generally do not under estimate crazy people so I fully expect something to go up...hopefully though it just won't come down too soon...or at least wait until it is over the ocean somewhere. From what I have heard most of foreigners have made preparations of one sort or another. I was telling my mom that the biggest goof I made was buying a second water jug that was too big to move. I set it in the middle of the bathroom and put a hose in it to fill…it didn’t occur to me that it would be too heavy to move after it was filled. Anyways, it is a nice blue colour so I will just leave it there for the time being. If all goes quiet and smooth on Saturday then I can just tip it over.

Classes are all going great. I am really enjoying teaching my English Focus class. They made an official class for about 30 boys that really want to concentrate on improving their English. I modeled it after the Theocratic Ministry School. We just study one chapter of the Education book per week, then a select amount of boys give speeches to work on the point. The only thing we do different is that even though I give the main counsel and fill out their slip, each person in the audience also has to give a constructive comment about the person’s delivery. Just makes the boys all feel involved. Anyway, the Education book is really working fabulous in the class setting, and we are having great lively discussions using it.

So, my school got me a new apartment! Yay! It is 350sqft, which is double the size I have been living in up til now. It is on the ground floor with a door that is street level. Koreans don’t like this type of apartment, but works out wonderful for foreigners. Now I don’t have to walk up three flights of stairs and when I take my little cart to go grocery shopping I can just drag it out the door, so I am truly thrilled about this. I thought that since it is a door on a sidewalk that now I will make a photocopy of a meeting invitation and stick in on my door because there are literally hundreds of people that pass it daily. I am on a school route with kids and parents that walk by, so hopefully someone will stop and read it. My door can be like my own personal poster board for literature. J

Well, this weekend, I am going up to the old city. I found a little shop that has two sizes of frames in it. No other supplies, but I thought this is better than nothing, and I will be able to frame some of my artwork. One thing about Korea is that it turns a person into a “McGuyver”…nothing that you really need exists so you just keep hunting for something that you can make into what you need. ;-/ HOME DEPOT or LOWES would fail miserably here because Koreans wouldn’t know what to do with supplies that make things. They are used to buying EVERYTHING pre-made. This can be sooo aggravating sometimes, but it also forces a person to be more creative and inventive…I’ll have to use some hidden brain cell power for some projects I have in mind…just well hidden. :-)

Anyways, everyone have a wonderful week. Love ya all, d

*ps. I have attached a picture of some school uniforms. Kids in the US and Canada don't know how good they have it in this regard. I have seen all types of uniforms here, but these ones certainly are a couple of the funniest.

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