Sunday, April 5, 2009

People Amaze Me...

We didn't know the missile went off yesterday until we got home from service and the meeting. I thought is was just really cool that everything was nice and calm and there was no need to 'hole up' in our apartments. I would have thought that all people would feel the same. But no, this morning I wake up to the news of people in Seoul rioting and burning Kim Jon ils face! Good grief! Common sense dictates one would feel happy to be alive, with no missiles whizzing by, but instead they find the time and effort to run around trying to provoke a fight?? I guess we won't see true common sense happen until the New Order arrives, but in the meanwhile often peoples' thought process amazes me, as I am sure it does you too.

We had a good meeting day yesterday, and I was able to speak with six foreigners and give them invitations in Suwon Station on the way home, so I was extremely happy about that. The last one made me smile though. He was a man in his forties from the US who was the VP of sales and marketing for his company before the economy dived and he decided to come here. He is going to have a HUGE adjustment. He was so upset that he was living in a small apartment and not making the wage he thought he was worth back home. I just kept telling him that he was going to have to change his perspective on life and stop thinking about things in terms of money anymore. I think I was able to help him realize his "plight" was not as bad as he thought it was though. First he showed me his palacial home back in Georgia and pictures of his massive bedroom, and said he couldn't believe he was living in an 18x16 apt now - then I told him the living area of mine was 10 x 10. His eyes bugged. Then he told me they had given him a single bed to sleep on and how he had always slept on a King Size - then I told him I slept on the floor. Anyways, the next time I run into him, I think my best advice for him would be to delete those pictures off his phone and just start living life for what it is today.

Okay, must run to get ready for work. Love to everyone, d :-)

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