Friday, July 15, 2016

The Chipmunk Marshall and a Storm to Remember

We have nick-named Harvey, The Chipmunk Marshall.  He stands on guard watching for them obsessively.  You call his name, nothing.  Just a blank stare out the window or back of truck.

Last night we can a storm with hurricane level winds go through the area.  Crazy.  Hadn't seen wind or rain like that since the hurricane when I lived in Taiwan.  Sideways trees.  Got up this morning and a couple of the RVs in the park had mangled awnings.  I heard a weird noise so told Anastasia to stay inside the truck with the pups and not come out no matter what.  When I popped my head out our canopy was completely gone but dangling by one leg that I had tied to the picnic table earlier in the day.  Rather than take a chance of it flipping back and hitting us and the truck I decided to go out and release the leg.  Picture me holding onto the picnic table with my legs almost off the ground.  Totally under estimated the wind.  Anyway, released the rope and struggled back into canopy.  After last night Anastasia got the FULL adventure of camping.  It was a night to remember. 

Today we are staying one more day at Milton Heights Campground and then tomorrow morning off to Niagara Falls for the morning then heading down to Brenda's and getting there in the evening.

Love to all,

from the Chipmunk Marshall's mom

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