Thursday, November 19, 2015

Two Posts In One Day - wow!! First, Today One of My Students Touched My Heart.

Today one of my students touched my heart. He has autism and prepared a presentation for the class using PowerPoint. It was all about him and his autism and how it affects his life. He is nine years old, and was so excited to prepare his presentation but then when it came moments before he was to stand in front of the class he started to shake and have second thoughts. I pulled him into the storage closet and showed him how to deep breath. He took 3 deep gulps to fill his lungs. At that moment I thought maybe it would just be too much, but then he lunged out the door to the front of the class, plugged his usb into the computer and started talking. It was incredible. When he was all finished he smiled widely and kept saying to me, "I am so proud of myself". He had tears in his eyes to have done this and could hardly wait to get home to tell his mom and dad. I am so sincerely grateful to have the opportunity to help students like him achieve their dreams. 

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