Sunday, March 29, 2015

I Love Walmart

Hey hi!

Hope everyone is having a good week.  All is good here.  I have been doing renovations on my RV during Spring Break.  I have to do everything on the skinny because I don't like debt, so when I decided to make some changes I decided I was going to use the local thrift shops as resources.  Below is a picture of some bench covers I made.  Now I can't afford to go to an upholstery store and look for material so I went to one of our shops and found the end of a bolt of upholstery material that someone had donated.  It was $2 for the entire thing and just the colors I wanted so it was the perfect purchase.  But then I was thinking that it would be really hard to keep clean without inhibiting the living style of the fur-kids, so I knew I had to cover it with plastic.  Buying the plastic by the yard was more than I wanted to spend, so off to Walmart I went shopping for a solution.  I found I could by a shower curtain made of the stuff I wanted for $19 - too much.  I could buy what they called a Fancy tablecloth cover for $10 - still more than what I wanted to I kept wandering through the housewares section to a deep dark little corner where the cheapo stuff was and found the treasure I was looking for.  It is a piece of plastic of the exact material the shower curtain and Fancy tablecloth are made of but it is called the $2 tablecloth - no edging or anything, but long.  Snatched it up and it did the trick perfect.

Everyone is snoozing around here right now (Meeting not til 1).  Here is a selfie of my cutey Harvey and me.  Bad hair and no makeup but basically that is how we look at 6am - Harvey doesn't do anything with his appearance until he is ready to run down the hill.

Okay, everyone have a wonderful weekend!

Love to all,
from Darci, Harvey, Pearl & Otto

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