Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's Been A While!

Hi everyone :-)

Hope everything has been going good.  Time has flown by.  Been busy busy with my program - the one for working with children with learning disabilities and autism.  Really enjoying it, but not a lot of time for other stuff.  Most important things to mention is that the Bible studies are all doing well, and I really look forward to my Friday evenings and Sunday mornings.  Second, we had our first snow here on November 5, but rain ever since. :-(  The pups are all doing well, and being healthy.  Work is fine.  Still enjoying it.  Mmm...not much else so I will show you a couple pics. :-)

Harvey with his second favorite ball.  The first favorite is a Kong that squeaks.

Dad giving attention to his little cutey petuty Otto.

Pearl and Harvey were wrestling up a mess before this pic was taken.  They're not so good at fixing the blankets later.

Mom and dad and Tim really went to town one afternoon and restuccoed a section of mom and dad's place.
And this is what Harvey looks like every morning before I roll his furry body out of bed for breakfast.  Pearl is up waiting at the fridge - not so much him.

Okay, everyone take good care and hopefully I will have more exciting pics to share next time.  Love to all, d  :-)

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