Monday, May 28, 2012

This Squirt Was Born Without A Brain

This weekend Linda Bielby told me that even though she is an animal lover she doesn't mind eating quail because “they do such stupid things, they were obviously born without a brain”. Mmm...well I felt sad momentarily, but then Sunday afternoon I think her point was proven. I was working in my yard with Harvey and Pearl and out of the corner of my eye I saw a peanut roll across my yard. But peanuts don't usually roll across my yard so I decided to take a closer look. It was a newborn quail out for a run by itself. :-/

Since Harvey and Pearl also saw it I quickly grabbed the garden hose because that is Harvey and Pearl's cue to run and hide – as they are not keen on baths. Then I ran and got the little thing and put it through the fence. I only hope he develops somewhat better skills at where to hangout for future outings. I... just found the most incredible thing at the Women Shelter Shop (where I like to wander and browse on some of my lunch hours). A lady dropped off a doggy booster seat including the seatbelt and harness, and I scooped it for $3..yay!! Anyway, now no more fighting over the one booster seat I already have. :-)

And finally here are some pics of where Harvey and Pearl and I walk everyday. Pearl has turned into quite the little “farm dog”. The blades are taller than her but she loves to run through them. And Harvey's back is healing good now and I haven't had to carry him home for about 5 days straight now. So that is a great thing too. :-)

So anyway, life is good, and hope it is for you all too. Have a great week.

Love to all, d :-)

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