Thursday, April 26, 2012

Life is Humming Along Just Great Here

Even though it is raining torrents today, the weather has been generally nice these last 10 days – sunny and warm.  I even got inspired to put more grass down in the yard.  Got out there with the hand-hoe and chopped up the ground then seeded it...and amazingly grass actually is growing! :-)  However, to prepare for more rainy days that may lay ahead I am going to stop at Canadian Tire tonight on the way home and buy a neon orange plastic suit, for over my motorcycle armour.  If someone hits me on the road it will truly be because they are blinded by my brightness. :-)

School life is great too.  Love going there everyday and now that the weather is nice I am using Friday afternoons for field trips or outdoor activities. Adds some extra fun to the week. 

Meetings and service are fine too.  Haven't got any spectacular calls in the territory but I did have a very nice stimulating conversation with one of my students about deteriorating world conditions and how the Bible used to give people guidelines, but now many people float aimlessly because of not knowing anyone who is wise to help them.  I think I mentioned before the students that told me they made decisions about life by watching television. :-/

Since Pearl's bee sting nothing serious has happened to them.  They are presently laying like doggy-potatoes on the couch probably.  We have increased our walking time another 30 minutes in the evenings.  A man in the resort inspired me.  He told me a couple weeks ago that in the last 11 months he has lost 103lbs only by using his dog as an exercise program.  They walk two loonng walks each day.  I don't have 103 lbs to lose, but I do want to stay fit. :-)

Okay, will go. Students are pouring into the room.

Love to all,
d :-)

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