Monday, January 2, 2012

What a Great End to 2011

Hey hi everyone! :-)

The last few weeks have been busy busy. A while ago I broke the bridge piece in my mouth. I phoned EVERYWHERE up here in Canada to get it fixed. All the dentists were asking $3000. Way out of what I could afford. So I knew eventually I would have to save up and go down to Mexico and get it done...saving was sloooooow though - just so many expenses this year. Anyway, Dad and Mom gifted me a ticket down there for the middle of December. Even though it was a rush trip to get the dental stuff done, seeing Tracey, Eric and the kids, and all my friends in the congregation was definitely the best part of the trip. That congregation really does feel like family to me. When I walk in the door I feel like I know them - small hall but really great people. I was telling Dick Lee that he is so consistent at being the door greeter, that I KNOW 100% when I open that door that he will be standing there, no matter how much time passes. :-) And to make it that much better I hit the CO week, and he was an AWESOME speaker. His Thursday night talk was "Continue Making The Truth Your Own". He laid everything out so clear, and covered every angle for each age group and circumstance, that I am grateful I could be there.

The break from the cold weather here was perfect too. Having warm weather for a week made it nice to get off the plane here. I really want to get down there regularly now because with Allegiant Airlines out of Bellingham it makes it affordable. If a person flies on specific dates during the week they can get there and back for $39 each way. Really can't beat that.

The last couple weeks back here though have been great though too. Mike and Marcelle, and Tyler and Janelle have been visiting with all their kids. So lots of hanging out and chatting. Marcelle and I even went to Silver Star tubing together one day. I haven't done that is sooo many years - and never on a professional run. The only tubing I have done in my life involved climbing hills in an exhausted manner, then bouncing down the run, richocheting off trees or moguls and then hoping not to break a limb in a pile up at the bottom. :-) This however, was more cool. I highpowered ski lift thingy would grab YOU and the tube at the bottom and pull you up the mountain as you bounced along enjoying the scenery. Then there was an attendant that would launch a person, and their partners or partners off the run, and a pile of straw at the bottom to slow you from break-neck speeds. It was absolutely fabulous! :-)

Today is the last day of official government holidays. Tomorrow back to work. But that is okay. For the last few days I have been breezing through the 2012 YEARBOOK posted online. Rhwanda is featured, and it is REALLY REALLY good. The whole book is very motivating. So this afternoon will continue on with that which is just fine as it is minus 7 out there right now. I keep waiting for it to warmup a bit so I can take stinky and stinky out for a walk, but no movement on the temps yet.

Okay, love to all. Hope that everyone is having a great holiday weekend.

d :-)

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