Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One of Those Weeks

I think all of us at one time or another, put our head in our hands and wonder why we are in the line of work that we are. I thought I loved teaching but then this week began to question that idea. On one hand I have the serious students that saved every penny to be in college or uni and dive into any task set before them; on the other hand I get the lazy students who are spoiled and told to study by their parents and act as if they know everything. The latter tax my brain and heart at times and make me contemplate the possiblity of working in an office or some secluded cubby-hole somewhere. Mind you, then there are the students that somehow give me a little hope and pull me out of my lulls. Like Sultan. He is Saudi. He came here six months ago. He is STILL in level one but won't give up. He went to his teacher last week and told him that he wants him to start teaching him to write everyday "like teacher Darci did" for him because he wants to learn and not have learning just be easy (I taught level 1 for a month, and I harp about hard work). For a student that has to almost walk backwards uphill to learn that is quite something. New alphabet, new characters, right to left. So now I feel good again. I guess it is all about feeling like one is making a difference in someone's life. Therefore now I don't feel like working in a dark room with a computer as my only companion. :-)

We had a fabulous Special Assembly Day on Sunday. Brother McEwan came out from Bethel to deliver a couple talks. I liked his points. Not only did he have a good sense of humor, but his perspective on matters was different than how others had said it before, and I appreciated that. He made an interesting point about not judging others by looking at what they are doing, because there is so much going on behind the scenes in peoples' lives. The key: take a personal interest in others. I have to look at my notes again, as he mentioned a few other good things to think about.

Harvey, Pearl and I are house-sitting Otto this week as Dad and Mom are down at the coast. Will be great. With all the rain up here lately H&P can have loads of fun playing with Otto in the basement.

Okay, must run, time to teach.

love to all,
d :-)

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