Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Variety of My Teaching Day

Hey hi everyone, :-)

I really have to get outside during the day here when it is pretty and snowy and show you some of the beautiful scenery. It is really beautiful with everything covered in white. However, since I basically go to work in the dark, and come home in the dark these days, I decided to show you a picture of my whiteboard. As you can see quite a bit goes on in the classroom each day. I teach grammar in the mornings, Global Studies and Debate in the afternoon. Work, but a lot of fun too. However, yesterday morning the director slipped into the classroom and whispered in my ear that one of the gentlemen in the college was leaving a mess behind constantly in the bathroom and since they didn't know who it was they were hoping I could somehow mention it to my male students. Well all my students are uni students as you know and they are all male except two, so I decided I would just have to give a straight-faced clinical lesson about it so I drew the toilet, and had arrows going in and out, and the puddle on the floor to indicate mistakes. I think it went over pretty good, as no one raised their hand when I asked if there were questions - except for one very loud exhuberant young guy that near the end of my lesson yelled out, "where is the male teacher!!!???" Most of my students are Saudi so having a woman teach them is odd enough for them, but then throw this subject on top. ....We actually have the most interesting conversations in class because before coming here to study they had never seen a women before without a burka and hajib, only their mom and sisters, absolutely no one else. Really, really, interesting culture.

Okay, better pics next time. :-/ Love to all though. :-)

ps* Harvey and Pearl are having a fabulous time in the snow. H spends hours running back and forth against the fence barking at deer - how much more fun could a dog have in life. :-/

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