Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fabulous Special Assembly Day

Hey hi everyone, :-)

Can't believe it is already October 1st. However, this year is off to a great start. Last week Mom and Dad slipped off to a Saturday assembly day, and were telling me how great it was so I decided to take it in the next day...just EXCELLENT. A superb program. One of those assembly days where the information is presented is such a good way with really fitting interviews so that a person feels motivated to keep on going - or do more. :-) Warren Schufeldt was the visiting speaker. Over the years him and Al Hamacher have been my favorite speakers because both can and could, paint really vivid pictures with words. In the closing talk he was talking about living in a spiritual paradise as we do now, and drawing the parallel with residing in Yellow Stone. However, as much as deers love living in a protected paradise their are some that wander unintentionally, or intentionally, outside the park sometimes and end up with their head being a trophy on someone's wall.

Work has been coming together nicely. I am loving working with older students. They know that it affects their career and future studies so they are very serious and listen acutely. Also, I have a student from Saudi Arabia that I am learning a lot from about life there. It is even more of a flip culture than even Asia. Really gives good insight though too into some things mentioned in the Bible. Makes me think ahhhhh.....that makes sense now.

Harvey and Pearl are doing awesome. Getting lots of exercise. Pearl seems to suck up to my dad a lot. Makes me wonder if he drops crumbs on his chest or something. :-/ I really have to say their health is still doing great and I can't believe they have only been to the vet only once since leaving Korea. So hopefully they'll continue to be healthy little rug rats. :-)

Well, the next week should be good. I have my own Special Assembly Day next Saturday, so I will get to hear it all again - how good is that! Then Sunday a work bee. Weather is getting colder all the time. Some people try to say that it is still warm, but when you ride a motorcycle YOU KNOW when it is starting get cooler. :-/

Okay, will run. Have a wonderful week. Love to all,

d :-)

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