Monday, October 26, 2009

The Motorcycle is Ready

Hey hi everybody!

This week has been great, as I hope that everybody else's week has been good too. :-) The big thing I did this week was get me motorcycle off the back of my truck where it has been sitting for quite a long time. I had to do this because I wanted to move my RV to a new site and thought it would make it easier backing up if there weren't two huge handlebars blocking the window. Anyway, since my dad is about 1500 miles away (whom is an excellent motorcycle mover) I had to think of a plan B person. And I decided to call Gloria B for the job. I told her basically that her function was to just call 911 if the thing fell over on me coming down the ramps. So this is how it went. Gloria, is a girly girl as you know, so she was wearing her dress and heels with her two inch gorgeous opposed to me - jeans, shirt, and stubby nails ready to dig dirt with. :-/ Well, I released three pulleys on the bike and suddenly the weight of 365 lbs starting leaning over so I jumped on. Then I realized I was going to have to BACK it down the ramps. At this point because I was born with arms two feet too short for this task I had to ask Gloria to use her perfectly manicured hands to release the last clamp with her knuckle and hold on for dear life as I rolled and breaked going down the ramps. :-( I didn't want to scare Gloria, but at this point, my joke to her about only being there to call 911 was starting to look like a very good possibility. But I took a deep breath, and starting rolling and Gloria held on for dear life and we rolled the beast down. I almost couldn't believe it when we hit the ground vertical rather than horizontal. Anyway, I have shined it all up and the cheap transportation machine is ready to go. :-) ...Oh yes, I am now in Rancho Mirage, so anyone reading this that is in the area is welcome to stop by for a cup of coffee...or tea...whatever else we can find in the fridge. :-)

Love to everyone,
d :-)

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