Saturday, March 14, 2009

Satan sure has these political leaders right where he wants them!

Hey hi everyone! This has been an excellent week here, albeit a vvverrry cold one too. Classes are into the swing of things, I have finally got my apartment somewhat organized, and my sleep pattern is back to normal. When we first got back, the first week Pearl was up at about 1am every morning crying for food. She was definitely still on LA time. :-( ...and since I have the spine of a jelly fish when it comes to those two, I was up whipping things together in the kitchen during the wee hours.

Well, things are tense in the news here. There is lots of "blah blah turn you into dust bowl" talk, with lots of "huff huff blah blah...will shoot your puny missile out of the sky" blather. in the politicians...are trash talking the other countries. I, on the other hand, am taking them all serious. :-0 Just in case they decide to test their strength I have stockpiled a few bags of dog food, some cans of beans, a few bags of bread in the freezer, and water. Hopefully it will all blow over very quickly but this is the most serious their arm wrestle has been in about the last 50 years apparently. If somehow something does happen though, this blog will probably turn into an account something like that lady from the Middle East - you know that woman that wouldn't leave without her daughter - mine would be called, "Not Without My Dogs", and you would start reading accounts on here of us traveling with our dogs overland to get to good ol North America. :-) All kidding aside, Brenda and I have a pretty solid plan of what to do if any of the rheotoric actually turns physical. We've both decided that the very moment we either hear "!" or see the glow of a missile trail whizzing by our apartments, we are on the next plane. :-)

Well, it is meeting day, and I better get busy and study the WT. This morning I was listening to the story (the audio download from the site) about the brother from the Cambodian Killing Fields. What an excellent account! Really found i itnspirational. Anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Love ya, d :-)

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